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Thursday, 26 October 2017

R+P Post 17: My Chosen Track

Our chosen track is the song 'Sweet Dream' by the indie band Black Cat Zoot.

Black Cat Zoot

Black Cat Zoot are a German indie/alt rock band who formed in Munich in 2005. They strive to innovate a unique sound of 'pop' music that revives the sound of classic rock with a modern edge. 

On their website, they had this to say about their approach to music making:

Sweet Dream is a song on their album 'Mutable Transformeract', which was released on the 29th April 2011. 

The album was produced by Hazelwood Music Production (f.1996), a German record label based in Frankfurt that produces obscure indie music. Although on their website they do not say that they focus on producing a specific genre of music, the most popular genre that they produce tends to be that of indie rock and pop. The album was recorded in Hazelwood's own recording studio.

We chose this song because we really enjoyed the innovative approach to the indie pop genre, with the quirky instrumentals and nostalgic lyrics mixing well with the catchy melodies that are associated with pop songs. 

We believe that this will appeal to our target audience of indie pop fans, for it is very obscure and thus appeals to their appreciation of discovering lesser known artists who produce pop music. 

We also believe this will appeal to our audience of young women and teenage girls because the lead vocalist, Lisa Milla, is a female and our survey to our target audience suggested that a substantial amount of young people appreciate it when the artist shares the same gender as them (26%). 

As for copyright information, as the song was released for free download on their website, there should be no problem in seeking permission to use the song. 

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