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Here is the inside panel of my digipak album cover.

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

R+P Post 29: Rehearsals

During our test week, we dedicated time in our normal schedule to rehearsing some of the movement and performances that we would be recording the following week for our music video.

Rehearsals allowed us time to prepare our movements and characters, and get us performance ready. This particularly helped with our band shots, as prior to rehearsals, we had never had the full band performing together. We used this time to rehearse how the band member's played off each other, establishing the relationships within the band, most notably that between the siblings Casey and Hugh - me and Noa helped each other develop some moves during the band shots that would show our character's playful, goofy relationship as brother and sister.

Me and Noa working out 'sibling moves' we could do in the band sequences
Furthermore, as the only member of the band not in our group, it was good for Tom to become familiar with the track and practice performing alongside the song with a keyboard.

Another reason why rehearsals were so important was some of our movements involved choreography. For example, the Singing in the Rain set up involves dance moves lifted from Gene Kelly's performance in the original film. As none of us are trained in dance, we needed this rehearsal time to make our performances look serviceable and entertaining. During rehearsals, we created a bank of movements we wanted to pay homage to from the original choreography of the song, using umbrellas and the lamppost as props to interact with. After rehearsals, we felt confident that we could deliver fun and confident choreography.

Finally, rehearsals allowed us to make our music video come out looking very professional. During rehearsals for the Mortal Kombat fight scene between Casey and Guy, we discovered that the fight could potentially look rough and un-choreographed. Therefore, we choreographed the fight with specific moves and stances so that the sequence looked polished.

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