Here is our music video.

Here is the outside panel of my digipak album cover.

Here is the inside panel of my digipak album cover.

Here is the inside panel of my digipak album cover.

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

R+P Post 24: Planning my digipak panels

Just like how we planned our webpage, we decided to each draw a plan for a potential album cover for our artist, and then compare.

Here are our designs:



After sharing our designs, we decided on the features of the album cover we wanted to add, which were:

  • A thin border around the front and back panel
  • Including every member of the band on the front cover. As an obscure artist, it is important to sell the appearance of each of the band members on the front of their debut album so that the audience can associate their image with their music.  
  • Having Casey Tyler as the prominent image on the front cover, highlighting her as the lead singer and the figurehead, or 'face', of the band/ 
  • A colourful background, and a hand drawn band logo, similar to the colourful, handmade aesthetic of the website and the music video - this makes for a stronger promotional package as all parts work in synergy.
  • Using location promo shots in the inside cover, pairing the studio image on the front with a rougher image on the inside that showcases the band as a group of friends. This is because we want to push the saleability of the band through glossy, studio promo shots on the cover, so that more people will buy the album, then change the audience's experience when opening the album to make them feel that they are now closer to the friendly and 'real' group of artists. 

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