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Here is the inside panel of my digipak album cover.

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

R+P Post 21: My key shots storyboard

To illustrate our ideas for our key shots, we created a storyboard. As our music video would contain very frequent cuts and a great number of shots, we decided to just draw the most important shots for each set up.

Here is the storyboard:

Our Storyboard 
We created our story board with post-it notes, and allocated a shot type to each colour. This helped us quickly see if we had a great enough variety of shot types in each set up, as it is a convention of music videos to cut between close to long frequently.

Our Key
We decided that for our band shots, we wanted to have a great deal of variety in how we framed the band. We decided to have a range of stationary long shots that allow the performers the space to show off their enthusiasm, and then have some mid shots/close ups that would be handheld, to allow for a more gritty, indie feel.

We create a lot of frames to illustrate our band shots

One of the influences for the change from still to handheld was Echosmith's 'Cool Kids'

Producing a storyboard helped us as we could visualise the specific movements of the performers and the camera in each frame (actions by performers we signified with a thin arrow, camera movements we signified with a thick arrow). This would help save time when we got to shooting as we would know in advance the rough actions we wanted to replicate.

Pinning down content of each set up also meant we knew what costumes and props to prepare; this was particularly helpful to us as our music video aesthetic is very hand-crafted, meaning a lot of our scenery would need to be made by us, so it was beneficial to know at an early stage what we needed to create in advance to our shoot.

For example, our planned shots for Alice in Wonderland included a variety of props, including a cardboard tree, a toy rabbit and a full length mirror

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