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Monday, 16 January 2017

R+P Post 8: The credits in our opening sequence

Our film opening begins with the logos for our production and distribution companies, Film 4 and Screen Gems, which will play in silence.

This will be followed by white, lower case text on a black screen which will read 'a film 4 and screen gems production'. This style of text will give the unique, subtle tone of an independent film.

The same text and font will appear for the rest of the credits, which will appear superimposed over the close ups of the five teenagers. This is an homage to the extensive credits sequences that occur in older neo-noir films, which credit a long list of people in their opening sequence. An example of this is the opening credits for The Usual Suspects, which have white text superimposed on footage of rippling water.

 In order to keep the story interesting for the opening sequence, however, we have decided to place these credits over footage with more detail relevant to establishing the setting of the interrogation room and the characters, in order to keep our teenage audiences intrigued and invested in the film.

The superimposed credits that will appear are (in order of appearance):
  • 'directed by r.r. banks'
  • 'produced by jack edmondson'
  • 'screenplay by mary pan'
  • 'cinematographer sayo aloje'
  • 'music by emilio francischelli'
The action of the opening sequence will now occur. After the bombshell hits about Peter Smith being found murdered, and Raj is set up to be the first one to be questioned, the title card for the movie will be shown, appearing as 'what happened to peter smith?' on a black screen with the same white font. 

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