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Monday, 16 January 2017

R+P Post 4: Our film's genre, title and plot outline

Our film is a mystery drama with the title of 'What Happened to Peter Smith?' The title was chosen for its homage to some mystery and thriller films that have questions for titles, such as Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Our film is told from the perspectives of five teenagers, all of whom are being questioned by a police detective about the murder of a boy from their school, Peter Smith. The film is framed by the interrogations of these children, which all take place in the interrogation room of the police department. The stories of these characters are told through flashbacks, as they recount their experiences of the night where Peter went missing, which was two nights ago at a house party of one of the teenagers.

Equilibrium: The teenagers are brought in for questioning, at first believing that the case is merely to find the whereabouts of fellow student Peter Smith.

Disruption: It is revealed very early on that Peter's body has been found and it turns into a murder case, with all teenagers being kept in the interrogation room for further questioning. The detective's job is also revealed to be hanging on the successful resolution of this case.

Attempt at resolution: The detective tries to garner evidence towards finding Peter's killer through the alibis of the five teenagers, where we discover, through the flashbacks, that all the teens have had some motive to kill Peter. An attempt of a resolution is made when detective discovers one piece of evidence that appears foolproof, but it turns out to be a dead lead.

Resolution: The detective finds himself unable to find the killer, and, fearing he might lose his job, he puts the blame on Tyrone, who bullied Peter. The killer is not revealed, and the film ends on the unsettling idea that the real criminal escaped scott-free.

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